Kehinde Ayanleye

Lead UX Designer

work — 2023
product design

For 10 years, I've relished tackling intricate user and business challenges, crafting digital experiences for both startups and enterprises.

Using data and empathy, I strive for clarity to create simple user experiences.

Currently, my focus at Sapient AI is designing a practical, and frictionless software testing experience that helps high-growth engineering teams ease their development workflow.

People & Purpose Brand Service Product
QTD - cover image

UX Audit. User Research. Stakeholder Interviews. Journey Mapping. Information Architecture. Wire-framing. UX. Interaction Design • 2022

QTD Manager Access – Organise and maintain critical training records for compliance purposes in the energy industry

QTD - cover image

Search. Chat. Table. WYSIWYG. Navigation. UX. Interaction Design • 2021

QTD Task Reviews – Ensuring productive and collaborative teamwork in the annual task review process

QTD - cover image

Tags. Calendar. Table. Journey Mapping. Dashboard. UX Design • 2020

QTD OJT Feature – Assess the competency of employees and monitor their on-the-job training hours

Cortina - cover image

Ecommerce, Billings, Onboarding, Integrations, Marketplaces, Search, Tables, Catalogue, Dashboard, UX, • 2022

Cortina v.04 – Helping brands sell complementary products without inventory or capital risk

QTD - cover image

Ecommerce, Payments, Fintech, Dashboard, Interaction design • 2022

Cortina v.03 – Empowering marketplaces to handle payment cycles and generate reports for multiple suppliers

QTD - cover image

Ecommerce, Billings, Marketplaces, UX • 2022

Cortina v.02 – Facilitating negotiation of multi-brand billing terms between marketplaces and suppliers

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